Link to hope Shoeboxes

by Fiona Baxter

Belarus, Moldavia, Ukraine – these are just some of the Eastern European countries that these shoeboxes are headed for via Link to Hope.  

Shoeboxes for families

Link to Hope’s aim is to combat poverty and give humanitarian aid and has special concern for the most disadvantaged. The poorest – especially people struggling to survive in poor villages that lack basic amenities. Most vulnerable – especially children and the most marginalised. Most exploited – the families and individuals who are at the mercy of authorities and circumstances that they have no control over Link to Hope’s vision is that one day every person in Eastern Europe will have a safe environment to live in and access to basic healthcare, human rights, employment and education. 

In the meantime, kind hearted people are able to show their concern by filling a shoebox with gifts and sending it to someone they will never meet, to make their life a little easier.  In these pictures you can see some of the 48 shoeboxes donated by people in and around Chipping Ongar.

Read more about the work of Link to Hope at –

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