A picture of the Trinity?

by Katherine Garner

There’s a picture that’s been floating around my head for the past few weeks as I’ve been trying to understand the Trinity and the role of the Holy Spirit. And here it is!

The Trinity and the Role of the Holy Spirit

You see I think that when we think of God, we’re mostly thinking of God the Father. We understand the idea of Trinity superficially as ‘God in three persons’ but we relate more often as if they were separate and distinct persons. And yet God is all three. And they are in perfect relationship with one another.

God is everything inside the circle. There are not three Gods, and God does not have three heads. And we shouldn’t be surprised if thats a little tricky to get our heads round since if we understood perfectly then we would be equal with God…something we are clearly not!

Jesus fulfills the perfect will of the Father, he takes the punishment for our sin, and teaches God’s commands and law, and he promises us another Advocate, another Teacher for all time (John 14:16). The Holy Spirit, who is that other Advocate, comes to live in us when we become a Christian, and invites us into that relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. And so we are part of that relationship which is God. MIND BLOWING…!

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